BTB Tools - (English) BTB WK10HD Windshield Removal Tool

PLEASE see the NEW UPDATED VERSION of this video at which also includes BTB's new "E-Tool" 12Volt battery powered tool. The BTB auto glass removal system is available with either the BTB WK10HD air power tool or with the new "E-Tool" 12Volt battery powered tool. Both tools use the same cutting blades and cutting depth control system, the battery powered tool is simply designed for mobile auto glass removal, while the air tool is designed for extended and heavy duty glass removals and where you have access to an air supply. The BTB auto glass removal system is considered the most versatile tool for the safe removal of any adhesive bonded automotive glass from any vehicle, specialising in those challenging glasses such as deep dash windshields, back sliders, exposed edge glasses, and safe removal of unbroken encapsulated glasses for bodyshop R&I's without damage to glass, encapsulation or paintwork. This system will also safely remove adhesive bonded body panels, mouldings, badges, emblems and other components fixed with flexible adhesives such as urethane or double-sided tape. The "Technician" toolkit includes external cutting Powered Cold Knife blades, internal cutting blades with precise cutting depth regulation and BTB's exclusive new "winged" anti scratch pinchweld scraper blades, eliminating collateral damage often caused by other methods. Set the standard by introducing BTBs proven system to your workplace with an industrial quality power tool, designed for years of service and excellent return on your investment. Other key features of our power tool include compact size and weight to allow access and manoeuvrability when removing small quarter or rear curved glasses, combined with extremely low vibration and noise levels for prolonged operator use. ONE TOOL, ANY GLASS, EVERY VEHICLE. Contact BTB for further information: Tel: +61 (0) 3 5443 1755 E-mail: Website:

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