Mercedes E55 AMG vs Mercedes SLS AMG shorter race Mercedes E55 AMG vs Mercedes SLS AMG shorter race

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Mercedes E55 AMG 530hp VS. Lamborghini Gallardo | Close race
Instagram: alexandersson01 1080p: Mercedes E55 AMG ecu tuned etc 530hp VS. 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo 520hp. rolling start from 50km/h / 30mph. Please like and subscribe.

BMW M3 vs Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG vs CLA45 AMG - DRAG RACE!
The drag race of the BMW M3 vs Mercedes Benz A45 AMG vs CLA45 AMG , performed during the 2017 Spring Event by Petrolhead Event's ! ► Subscribe here: ►Join the YouTube Chat : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter: Visit: In Partnership with:

Mercedes E55 AMG Acceleration (4k)
Supercharged W211 Mercedes E55 AMG 0-60MPH (100 Kmh), and 0-100MPH (160 Kmh) Acceleration. There were 2 people in the car, full tank of gas + heavy panoramic roof. Microphone under hood, near SBC battery. Closed course. Car is stock and has Hankook RS3 Tires.

I brought a 400k mile E55 AMG to the dealer,here's how much they want to fix it.
Before I fix the 402,000 mile 2003 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG I thought it would awesome to bring it to the Mercedes dealership for a pre purchase inspection. In this video we take a look at everything the dealer found wrong with this super high mileage car and some things they missed. We tally it all up at the end to see what happens when you bring a 400k mile car to the dealer. Most all these repairs are pretty minor and you could find these items needing to be replaced on a much lower mileage car. This car still rocks and honestly other than the shocks and coolant pump I had no complaints from some of the suspension parts that need to be replaced. Links to parts are in the article below. ice-maintenance/ Thanks again iCars Chicago for letting me do whatever I want to this car you guys are awesome.