Cammed Nissan z33 Power Shifting

Rolling from 30Km/h car moods : Nismo R-Tune Cams shift Nismo Test Pipes AEM Cold Air intake

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Cammed Nissan z33 Power Shifting From Dig
Power shifting my cammed nissan z33 from Dig

HOW TO: Power shift like a boss!
Just a quick tutorial on how to powershift and quickshift.

Flatfoot shifting, aka power shifting, an Sti with Launch Control start
I apologize about the terrible video quality, I'm a car guy, not a video guy. :) but all I care about is showing the difference between what the OP calls "flatfoot" shifting and the real thing. Look for my other vids, they are much better quality. :-)

Brian Learning Stick in my Nismo 350Z
poor Nismo :'(