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Historic Trans Am race cars warming up in the paddock at the 2008 Monterey Historic Automobile Races at Laguna Seca. Bud Moore Mustangs, Penske Camaros, AMC Javelins, you name it.

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NZV8TV S2 Ep3 - Muscle Car Masters from Eastern Creek, Australia - part 2
More at http://www.v8.co.nz. At the Muscle Car Masters 2009 from Eastern Creek, Central Muscle Cars show the Aussies how to put on a show, but it all ends with carnage and some damaged machinery. The 3 main classes are Group NC (1965-1972), Group C (from 1973-1984) and Group A (1985-1992) - all genuine racecars from those eras, driven by Jim Richards, John Bowe, Glenn Seton and other Aussie legends. There are plenty of pristine muscle cars to drool over - Holden Commodore, HQ and Torana, Ford Falcon and Mustang, AMC Javelin, Chevy Nova.

NZV8TV Ep7 - Corvette GT1 at Taupo, Ford XC Falcon, Ewen Gilmour learns skids, Trans Ams - part 1
More info at http://www.v8.co.nz. On The Track: GT1 is an anything goes race class. We were at Taupo for the final round of the 2008/09 season to check out some of the insane machinery. One car of interest was Grant Brennans Corvette. With its self-made engine block and heads, Grant's car epitomises the term custom. Equally as cool, but far less wild is the XC Falcon Coupe of Mike Oldham. Mikes coupe is one of the better presented vehicles we found at Pukekohe while watching the Production Muscle Car Series. Lessons From a Pro: You should all known the name Ewen Gilmour, or Westy as hes commonly known. But did you know he isnt as good as you would expect at doing skids? NZV8 Touring Car Driver Dean Perkins takes him to Meremere for a bit of schooling. Looking Back: 
Remember the AMC Javelin of Craig Stacy on the show a couple of weeks ago? Weve got film of the 1970 American Trans Am racing series where a very young Roger Penske and driver Mark Donnahue run their AMC Javelin against the Mustangs and American muscle car makes that created legend. Feature Car: We saw a few glimpses of Graeme Metcalfes immaculate 69 Chev Nova a few weeks back, this week we get the full scoop on this stunning 10-second street carowned by a Ford lover!

Trans Am Paddock '66-'72 Sights & Sounds
Happy July 4th! If you have speakers plugged into your computer, turn it up. Hopefully you have a subwoofer, too! This footage is me walking through Vic Edelbrock's collection of vintage Trans-Am racecars as they're being prepared for the Group 7A races and enjoying the sights and sounds... The Trans-Am Series is an automobile racing series which was created in 1966 by Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). This was the proving ground for all American manufacturers to compete with race-modified production cars. It ran until 1972 when at the height of Richard Nixon's incompetence dealing with OPEC, we had a gas shortage which was compounded by an embargo levied against us. Syria, Egypt and Tunisia didn't really like Nixon re-feuling their arch-enemy, Israel. Rather than address the shortage, the auto industry was heavily regulated to curb consumption. Further restrictions placed on the oil industry by an other rocket surgeon, Jimmy Carter, left us unable to further develop our own oil supplies which cemented these changes to the auto industry. These events changed muscle cars as we knew them into complete turds for over a decade while US auto makers struggled with the regulations and re-learned how to produce decent cars again... but for the "pony cars", it was the beginning of the end. The oil embargo of 1973 changed the shape of not only the auto industry, but all forms of auto racing to follow. You used to be able to afford these cars. I remember when... back when I was in high school... But it's 2010 now. This race celebrates all the classic cars you've dreamed of owning or being seen in. These things auction in the 6+ figures now (because of their race history). Enjoy this parade of '60's and early '70's model Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, Plymouth Barracudas, Mercury Cougars, AMC Javelins, Pontiac Firebirds, and Dodge Challengers. This event required that they be in their original race condition in order to run with the Group 7A cars, so the contest to follow is all about how much compression these 40+ year old cars have left, and who's driving it. These beauties have been meticulously preserved by the best collectors, engineers and mechanics in the industry. I hope you guys can appreciate it because this is off my normal subject material. I just wanted to change things up and post something American on Independence day. This one's for the Veterans.

Yellow Lexus LFA
Yellow Lexus LFA with distributor plates seen at Pebble Beach for Monterey Historics weekend, 08/13/2010.