1970 dodge d100

this is my d100 its up for sale on ebay on 2/22/2012 has 4 days left has 318 with dodge purple cam 4 barrel carb flowmasters this video serves this truck no justice when you hear it in person its sounds way better hope you enjoy this film

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dodge d100 1970

1970 Dodge D100 Sweptline my new Mopar
The truck has a 1977 225 Super Six. The truck needs a lot of brake work and a few things here and there, but the truck has a lot of potential

Mike's 1965 dodge D100 Video #5
You get what you paid for! I was going to go over my front axle, but found some problems with the motor. There was no way that the truck was a daily driver! Only running on 5 cylinders. It barely ran when on the test drive. The white knuckle, no brakes test drive. Thought it just needed a tune up, carb rebuild and brakes. Oh, got my latest Rock Auto order. The axle is slowly being painted and when it is done I'll video the assembly.

1965 Dodge D100 Sweptline
Just a really shitty video of my Dodge Sweptline.