9-second plumbers van vs 8-second WRX

Tony Rigoli Performance Subaru WRX racing at Heathcote Park. This car still retains an AWD system but is using an automatic transmission vs one wild Mitsubishi Van. The van is running a Nitrous assisted small bock V8 Chev engine. http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.fullBoost.com.au/

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Toyota Hiace V8 turbo Van
Bert Willemsen's Toyota Hiace transport Van has run a best time of 8.9-seconds at 154mph over the quarter mile. Power comes from a Garrett turbocharged small block Chev 383ci LT1 V8 engine equiped with a dry ice Intercooler and MoTeC fuel injection. Drive is through a ProTrans Powerglide and Pro 9in rear end. The engine is mounted under the driver. http://www.fullBoost.com.au Follow us on social media @ Google+ https://plus.google.com/+fullBoost Facebook http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoostcomau Twitter https://twitter.com/fullBoostcomau Instagram http://instagram.com/fullBoostcomau

7-second Nissan GT-R Skyline - GDZ1LR
Reece McGregor's Heat Treatments Nissan R32 running into the sevens at the APSA Pro Street Shootout. Powered by an N1 RB26 2.6L single turbo six-cylinder application and air-shifted Liberty five-speed (slider clutch) transmission. APSA Pro Street Shootout, Willowbank Raceway, Queensland, Australia, March 23rd 2013. http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoostcomau http://www.fullBoost.com.au

JESUS! ~ 1000hp 2JZ Honda S600
Phil Penny’s wild Honda S600 is one of the wildest engine conversions we’ve ever seen. The car is powered by a 3.2L Toyota 2JZ engine Boosted by a huge Billet turbochargers 88mm turbine. With little room in the engine bay the turbo now hangs right out of the bonnet of the tiny Honda. Putting down around 1000hp to the tyres is a tough ask! 1965 Honda S600 coupe Toyota 2JZ stroked to 3.2L BRG alloy rods, Arias hi-comp pistons Resin filled block , ATI balancer, L19 heads studs Race ported and flowed cylinder head by dave Stevens Shaw billet Cams, Titan cam wheels Hypertune twin fuel rail manifold & 102mm Throttle body Bosch 1600cc methanol injectors x 12, Enderle 110 belt driven fuel pump Billet turbochargers 88mm front wheel 94 back wheel turbosmart wastegates x 2, turbosmart 50mm BOV x 3 PWR water to air barrel Intercooler Haltech PS2000 ECU, 6x EGT sensors & Racepac dash ATI high impact proglide, TCE 6700rpm stall converter Altra 9 sheet metal diff housing, FLoating 40-spline gun drilled axles Power: 1002hp @ wheels on 24psi Boost Race weight: 1000kg / 2210Ib Performance: 8.0 @ 174mph Special thanks to: Dave Stevens Race Engines Justin Gregory @ Blacktrack Performance Altra9 Rear End Components Mark @ Billet turbochargers Molendinar My crew: Christian Penny, Noel Allen And our major sponsor: JESUS Just Car Insurance Sydney Jamboree, Sydney Dragway, Australia - March 2016 http://www.fullBoost.com.au Get your track gear! http://shop.fullBoost.com.au Follow us on social media @ Google+ https://plus.google.com/+fullBoost Facebook http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoost... Twitter https://twitter.com/fullBoostcomau Instagram http://instagram.com/fullBoostcomau

10,000+rpm Toyota Corolla gets angry
Michael's Quickbitz Toyota Corolla is one of the coolest 4-cylinders getting around. The big revving highly developed Nissan SR20 powerplant is good for around 900hp and this time out saw Michael run a new personal best pass of 8.38 at 165mph at Calder Park. http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoostcomau http://www.fullBoost.com.au