Drag Racing - On Board with Steve Matusek

Join Steve Matusek in this action packed drag race captured with on board cameras. http://www.summitracing.com/redirect?banner=SocialYT1008

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Summit Racing® Turbo 350 Transmissions
Looking for a low-cost alternative to a new transmission with more reliability than a run-of-the-mill rebuilt transmission? Summit Racing’s TH350 transmissions feature all brand-new internals. In this video, Mike will walk you through the features of this automatic/manual valve body transmission for rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and tell you everything you need to know for a successful installation.

RIPP Superchargers in Action at Moab 2015
RIPP Superchargers documented six of their rigs along the Moab trail. For more information on RIPP Superchargers, click here: http://www.summitracing.com/search/brand/ripp-Superchargers

Trick Flow LS Cylinder Head Install on a 2013 Camaro- Summit Racing
Trick Flow Specialties has designed a cylinder head for the LS engine that will help your engine flow more air. Watch as Jim installs a set of Trick Flow GenX 255 LS3 Cylinder Heads on our project Camaro. These cylinder heads are easy to install with some basic hand tools but grab an extra set of cylinder head bolts and head gaskets before you start to make the install go quickly.

Quest for 200MPH on the Texas Mile - In Car Camera
Sit inside and enjoy a drag race from behind the wheel. Onboard cameras capture this quest for 200mph on the Texas Mile - brought to you by our friends at Centerforce. http://www.summitracing.com/redirect?banner=SocialYT673