Celica 1.8 TS 192 KM 0-130 km/h acceleration

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toyota celica t-sport
my toyota celica with all original parts....192KM

Toyota Celica t23 TS 0-200 kmh
T-sport, 0-200, 2 persons, slow shifting, aem cai

Celica GTS vs. Prelude
Celica GTS and Prelude go at it, they were both basically stock. They just had an intake, the celica has a TRD Exhaust thats aboout it. It was a best out of 3 Celica-1 Prelude-2 Winner= PRELUDE

Celica TS 1.8 VVTL-i 2zz-ge Greece 60-240 km/h
Just a 3km run in my stock celica. I hit the highway with 60km/h. the sound is horrible, perhaps because my phone was touching the steering wheel... Slight uphill .