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Top speed test at Nardo (italy)

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Top speed runs at Nardo
RUF RT12 = 361km/h (0-100km/h:3.6 sec, 0-200km/h:10,3 sec, 0-300km/h:27.6 sec) SLR 722 = 328km/h (0-100km/h:3.8 sec, 0-200km/h:11,1 sec, 0-300km/h:35.8 sec) GT3 = 316km/h (0-100km/h:4.3 sec, 0-200km/h:13,9 sec, 0-300km/h:47.5 sec) Gallardo SL = 314km/h (0-100km/h:3.7 sec, 0-200km/h:12,8 sec, 0-300km/h:49.9 sec) Z06 = 314km/h (0-100km/h:4.0 sec, 0-200km/h:11,9 sec, 0-300km/h:57.9 sec) M6 = 309km/h (speedlimiter) (0-100km/h:4.2 sec, 0-200km/h:13,2 sec, 0-300km/h:51.1 sec)

Top Secret V12 Supra Nardo Over 400km/h Challenge
Top Secret V12 Supraが2008.3.15にイタリアで400km/hオーバーにチャレンジ! 楽曲は、V12 Supra × グラビアアイドル「杏さゆり」コラボジャケットの「TRA NCE RED ZONE -Secret Runner-」より1曲を使用してます。 ●Top Secrethttp: www.topsecretjpn.com ●WAKYO INC : http://wakyo.jp ●HIGHWAYSTAR RECORDINGS : http://highwaystar.jp

Edo Competition Nardo 2007 LP 640
Edo Speedtest with LP 640 in Nardo 2007

Koenigsegg CCR world record 388 km/h at nardo circuit 2005
Koenigsegg CCR world record 388 km/h at nardo circuit 2005

Christina Surer with Lorinser Mercedes SL600 GS03 Nardo
Lorinser Mercedes SL600 V12 Biturbo with 588hp and over 900Nm of torque.

NARDO high speed contest 2007
Nardo high speed contest 2007 with tuned Maybach, Porsche and Lamborghini

Ferrari Enzo brutal acceleration
Decat Enzo on the motorway... PART 2 HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dPcZHYsCa0 Yet to join? http://www.supercardriver.com/join-now Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supercarDRIVER Twitter: https://twitter.com/aSUPERCARDRIVER Website: http://www.supercardriver.com/

Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 - Top Speed Test (HQ)
http://www.speedandmotion.com/templatetest/pages/videos.html Enjoy my Lamborghini video! Lamborghini's top speed is: 219mph After when you have watched please comment and rate!

Nardò High Performance Event 2013
Wenn Continental und AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS zum Date ins italienische Nardò laden, sind schnelle Nummern garantiert. Ein Highspeed-Stelldichein mit 14 Tunern, 16 Fahrzeugen und jeder Menge Überraschungen.

Ferrari P4/5 Top Speed Test Footage from France2.fr
A French news clip that covered the P 4/5 doing high speed testing at Mortefontaine with René Arnoux and a long line of press.

TECHART tuned Porsche 997 Turbo at Nardo
a TECHART tuned Porsche 911 (997) turbo at Nardo test track in Italy and Southern German roads

Volkswagen Nardo/W12
Volkswagen Nardo/W12 design, engine and world record video. The W12 holds 7 world 24-hour speed records at the Nardò Circuit near Lecce, Italy, all set in October 2001.

High Speed Test on Nardo Track
Aston Martin DBS: 309 km/h Dodge Viper SRT-10: 319 km/h Porsche 911 GT2: 330 km/h Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4: 324 km/h Chevrolet Corvette ZR1: 332 km/h Mercedes SL65 AMG Prototyp: 348 km/h

VW BUS TH2RS 311 km/h Nardo
VW TH2RS T5 BUS 311 km/h Nardo 800PS

Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR | Top Speed 338 km/h
Höchstgeschwindigkeit 338 km/h, Top Speed http://www.taxi-yellow.de

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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