Meilenwerk 2x Bentley SuperSports & Maserati & Lamborghini

Meilenwerk Stuttgart/Böblingen 22.01.2011

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Meilenwerk Stuttgart
Lamborgini, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche, Alpina, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Morgan, Wiesmann... Toys for boys.

Meilenwerk Stuttgart
Auch die schwäbische Metropole Stuttgart hat nun ein Meilenwerk. Motorvision stellt es vor.

Meilenwerk ( Region Stuttgart ) Compilation Part 1
Including lots of cars ;-) let me give you some examples Lamborghini : Gallardo Superlegera, Lp 560-4 + Spyder, Lp 550-2 Balboni and of course the normal Gallardo;Murcielago Lp 640-4 Ferrari : 599 Gtb, HGTE; F 430 + Spyder; California; Superamerica .... Maserati : Mc 12 Corsa; Gran Turismo, S; Quattroporte, S .... Mercedes : SLR Mc Laren Roadster; SL 65 Black Series; CLK 63 AMG; CLS 55 AMG,63 AMG; S 65 AMG ...... Porsche : 911 turbo, Gemballa Avalanche, Gt 600, GTR 750; Tech Art Gt Street R, Magnum.... Lotus : Elise; Evora; 2 eleven Aston Martin : Db9 Volante Fiat : 500, Abarth Jaguar : E-Type, Xk R Ford : GT, old and new Audi : R8, V10 and V8 Wiesmann : Gt 5, MF5... some Bentley's, VW's, Nissan's, Corvette's AND SO ON ( check out part 2 )

Lamborghini Gallardo by Arthur Boka at the Meilenwerk Stuttgart
This video shows the Lamborghini Gallardo by Arthur Boka at Meilenwerk Stuttgart. Enjoy! If any respective owners of the cars do not want to be shown or seen, or their numberplate in any way in our videos, he or she is kindly asked to contact us first before taking any legal steps and we will remove the video.