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A short vid of how low my car is. When i added the spacers on the front lip splitters i actually took the car to the lowest point of the driveway and measure the max distance .


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BMW M3 E92 Performance Pack- Overview of work from SouthernBM Australia
The video features products used on the Monte Carlo Blue SouthernBM BMW M3 E92 Performance Pack and an over view of the upgrades available from SouthernBM. They include the ESS Tuning 625 VT2 Supercharger upgrade power kit, Akrapovic Titanium Evolution Exhaust to compliment the Supercharger, Brembo Brake kit with red calipers , KW V3 Coil over Suspension, Vorsteiner V104 wheels, Vorsteiner Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler, Vorsteiner Rear Diffuser, and Vorsteiner Boot lid www.southernbm.com.au

BMW E46 330ci to M3 SMG CS Alpine White 2 Conversion project
Please read me... E46 330ci (05/2001) converting to M3 SMG CS (03/2006).. I did it my own except bodying and painting. I hope this video help everybody to understand how this conversion could be done. Happy watching, Lets make it clear, I made the conversion in the summer of 2010, and i started collecting parts in the beggining of 2010. I tried to sell my car but nobody cears to buy it, also i could buy a cheap m3 for 22000 eur plus, so i had to take the decision and make it my own. Also, summer 2010 taxis for my car was 800 euro, Now it is 1100+ 800=1900 euro. Unleaded 95 , 2010 costed 0,87 euro per litter, and now 2012, 1.84 euro per litter. This period in Greece, you can buy m3 for 7000 euro, and nobody cears to buy this car this time. Thanks.

bmw e46 sedan

Restyling BMW 320 E36 in BMW M3 E46
TOtal conversion BMW E36 in BMW M3 E46

Making_of_an_BMW E46

Lethal Performance 2010 Shelby GT500
We got the call this morning from our good friend Philip Weikert from Weikert Ford in Lake Wales, FL that our baby had arrived. Within a few minutes we were out the door and on our way. It takes about 2 hours to get to the dealer from our warehouse and everything went smooth until we were greeted with complete standstill traffic on the Turnpike. Not sure what happened but it took about 45 minutes before we got moving again. We finally make it to the dealer and Philip walked us out back to see the car. As I walked up to it I couldn't help to notice that the grabber blue stripes were much darker then what I had seen from online photos posted by others. To me that was a positive as the colors pop even more than I thought they would. Coming from our 08' I also couldn't help to notice the newly designed rear end and quarter panels. Simply gorgeous! As I walked along the side of the car I got my first glimpse of the interior which easily caught my eye. The grabber blue racing stripes on the seat stand out and look awesome. Made my way around to the front of the car and saw that sweet new front end and hood with the large vent. Just like the McDonald commercial I'm thinking to myself "I'm Lovin it". I'm standing there taking a few pics and some short video clips but it still hasn't sunk in how awesome this car is. As a few minutes pass I finally get into the car. The ball shifter and alcantara on the seats and steering wheel look great. The dash and cluster as well. I see that my Sirius is there and I'm happy knowing that I can listen to Howard in the morning and Ellis in the afternoon. Then I catch the little piece of paper with the Microsoft logo on it making me aware that the car is equipped with the new bluetooth style feature called SYNC. Something that the 08' was in desperate need of. Jonas started the car up and moved it out from under the awning so we could take some pics of it. As soon as the car started up you could hear the difference that the new 4" tips made over the 08's stock Exhaust. A more aggressive note and when revved was just music to my ears. We finished up the paperwork and were on the road back to the warehouse. Jonas drove for a while as I followed and took some clips of the car on the street. From an outside perspective the car looks so good on the road it's not even funny. The blue stripes against the black just pull your eyes to the car. After we got to the turnpike it was my turn. I hopped in and again noticed how much nicer the new interior was. The clutch is smooth like butter. No chatter and it could be slipped with ease. The car simply drives like a dream. An hour or so later we were back at the warehouse. As I stepped out of the car I felt so relaxed and appreciated how far these cars have some since owning my first Mustang in 2002. There simply is no comparison. For anyone that hasn't'y driven an S197 and has only been in an SN95 or New Edge I urge you to take a ride in one. It's plush and comfortable and just a pleasure to drive. Here's a few pics of the car at the dealership. We'll be sure to get tons more and plenty of videos up as soon as possible. Be prepared as we're going to take you step by step through the build of the Lethal 2010 GT500. We're very excited as all of the excellent vendors and manufacturers we deal with have expressed major interest in what we have planned! Companies like Steeda, Whipple Superchargers, SCT, BMR Fabrication, American Racing Headers, Project 321, Moroso Performance, The Driveshaft Shop and Fore Precision Works will all be a part of the Lethal 2010 GT500 build

japan tuning bmw e46 coupe
un bmw serie 3 coupe transformado a un m3.

bmw tuning show / bmw modifiye arabalari
just bmw tuning. bmw modifiye araclar.

BMW E46 330CI M3 Look Umbau
Ich habe dieses Video mit dem Video-Editor von YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/editor) erstellt.

M3 E46 Hamburg (G-Power Auspuff, Hamann Tuning)

E46 ///M3 shifter replaced with 330d shifter.
Replacing the stock shifter in my 2003 ///M3 with a 330d shifter. This is a great and low cost alternative to install a short shifter. This video is not an instruction, but more of a comparison of stock vs. 330d.

620hp Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS3 supercharged
This is Vorsteiner's GTRS3 widebody conversion for the E92 BMW M3. The car has a 620hp Active Autowerke sueprcharger conversion, Brembo GTR brakes, Vorsteiner wheels, KW V3 suspension and the body is wrapped in a Wraptivo matte vinyl film. For the full story, see the March 2011 issue of eurotuner magazine or visit www.eurotuner.com http://www.eurotuner.com/featuredvehicles/eurp_1103_2011_bmw_m3/index.html

Tuning Thailand Bmw e46
Dj James

Bmw E46 330Ci Wide body By Autoworks (2 of 2)
Autoworks Aerodynamics Design Shuwaikh industrial Area- Kuwait Hotline : +965-65003632 +965-99969336 email : sami@awkuwait.com


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