Stihl FS65AVR Electronic

Here is another repair that I have been working on. This one also belongs to the fire station. Tension, and lubricate starter spring Fire spark arresting screen - 60% carbon fouled Inspection of fuel lines, fuel filter, & fuel shut off valve Grease gearbox bearings Carburetor adjustment BPC, & comp. air cleaning

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How to start a trimmer if it won't START...
How to start a trimmer if it won't START by the pull string. UPDATE- This is a response to your comments after 1/3 million views. YES-This is dangerous (obviously). This was intended for DIY'ers how have the skill set and tool set to appreciate this. Those who have used profanity to comment on this do not have the comprehension skills to understand anything! The problem is obviously the carburetor and the weather. I live in Utah and this trimmer sits for six months out of the year in freezing temperatures which destroys the gaskets,seals and diaphragm. No amount of priming will get this going with just a pull start. And the only solution is to buy a carburetor or rebuild kit every year or every other year. I got so tired of that and that I why this video happened. The better solution is a video I just posted - check it out:

Build your own Drill Spin Starter for your lawnmower, generator or other 4 cycle engines
I didnt show it, but you do need to remove the flywheel cover, usually its 3 bolts on most B&S engines. The spring loaded recoil start is housed in the cover. This allows you access to the crankshaft nut that you will be spin starting with.

stihl starts & go hard
cold start and cut

How to fix a STIHL weedwacker
well...almost. stay tuned for the other part of this video...