Lifted Toyota Tundra towing 30ft Toy Hauler

my lifted 2007 Tundra tows our 30ft. toyhauler fully loaded no problem

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MPG numbers with my modded tundra 4x4 towing a travel trailer Travel trailer weight of about 6400 lbs (dry weight) Truck weight (with passengers and loaded truck bed) with out trailer is about 6640 lbs Combined truck and trailer weight is estimated to about 13,040 lbs truck set to "tow haul mode" and manual shifting Fwy MPG's on flats roads: 9 MPG's fwy MPG's up hills: 3 to 4 MPG's

2014 Toyota Tundra: Towing and Hauling
No matter how big the job, the new 2014 Toyota Tundra can handle it. Towing the boat to the cottage or a trailer to the job site is no problem for the fully capable Tundra.

EverGreen RV 5th Wheel Pin Box Coupler - The Reese Revolution
EverGreen RV is proud to announce that our Fifth Wheel Trailers use the Reese Revolution Premium pin box coupler specifically designed for use with short bed pickup trucks. View the video to learn about the product and then contact us to discuss getting an Evergreen RV 5th Wheel with this innovation. Visit us:

Tundra: The Truck of Texas
A video and picture compilation of the second generation Toyota Tundra. Only the first couple of clips are mine, they go to the rightful owners. If one of your videos or pictures happens to be in here, send me a message so I know to mention you under the description. If you want to have a truck debate, keep it civil. I don't want to see any trash talking or swearing. Any of that will be deleted. Song: Alcohaulin' ass - Hellyeah