Wheeler Dealer älskar mc-däck

OBS!! WHEELER DEALER har flyttat ännu en gång. April 2015. Från Hammarbyhamnen till Kranglans väg i Nacka tel:08-6430075 Kjelle på Wheeler Dealer i Stockholm, demonstrerar sin kärlek till motorcykeldäck

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How to Balance a Motorcycle Wheel
Static Balance a Motorcycle wheel

Defconn33 went but not for long!
The amount of effort Defconn put into uploading/editing the videos, just gutted, if you can see this mate, thanks for all the great videos, hopefully you've got them hosted outside of youtube, I for one really enjoyed all the great vids. Its took my about 15 mintutes to upload a small video (A wheeler dealer one that defconn uploaded before) thats on a 2mb connection, Defconn must've had a lot of patience!

Ghostrider in Stockholm trailer 1&2
Insane biker speeds trough traffic in Stockholm with the police on his tail!!MUST SEE!!!

BMW 3.0 CSL (E9) feature from 'Deals on Wheels' in 2000
Mike Brewer would be unrecognizable here if it weren't for his inimitable cheeky cockney do-what leave it aaht gertcha east-end car salesman patter. Could you really pick up a CSL in 2000 for £2k? I think Mr. Brewer is talking about a regular E9. Interesting choice of filming locations; a noisy chemical factory. Apologies for the appalling quality of this vid. If I were you I wouldn't stand for it.