Diablosport Predator How To:Program a Hemi by DCXDEPOT.com

How to use your Diablosport Predator to program your Hemi, Get the stock tune off of it and load a custom tune onto it.

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How to take speed limiter off on a Chrysler 300c
How to get rid of the speed limiter on a Chrysler 300c with the diablosport predator Thumbs up if it helped! I purchased this Diablosport Predator from: http://www.diablosport.com/ If you purchase one I suggest buying the extra cord with it that plugs it into the computer so you can update it online.

How to Customize the DiabloSport Trinity Virtual Gauges
Free Shipping: http://www.autoanything.com/performance-chips/61A4400A0A0.aspx The DiabloSport Trinity is capable of monitoring engine parameters in real-time. You can even customize the gauge display to suit your needs. Get a DiabloSport Trinity for your vehicle from AutoAnything: http://www.autoanything.com/performance-chips/61A4400A0A0.aspx It's easy to install: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NXtGBW_dj8 Or if you want something different, we have a huge selection of power programmers and performance tuners: http://www.autoanything.com/performance-chips/20A50211A1.aspx

Hemi Car Tuner
The http://www.usmusclemods.com/product/DS-U7135 Diablosport U7135 & http://www.usmusclemods.com/product/DS-U7136 Diablosport U7136 are the ideal way to Boost the power of your Dodge Charger, Challenger, Magnum or Chrysler 300. At US Muscle Mods, we specialize in http://www.usmusclemods.com/charger-performance Dodge Charger, Magnum, 300 Parts.

How to Log to Your Laptop Using Your DiabloSport Predator
This video explains how to log your vehicle directly to your laptop using your DiabloSport Predator. For more info, visit our website at http://www.exatorq.com.