Screamin 331 Small Block Chevy

This is my cousins derby engine!!!Its a 331 small block chevy built by Lawson Racing Engines!!! Revvin out at 7800 rpm we tweaked it up to 8200 or 8300 rpm for the derby!!!

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E85 Demolition Derby Car
This is an E85 Caburetored Engine in my cousins derby car!!! The engine runs pretty well!!! The intake manifold was really cold just like if u were to run alcohol!!! Its the neatest thing ever!!!

80's and Newer Derby
Donnellson Fair Derby!!! This shows the E85 car in action

Mini Bikes Gone Wild!!!!!!
Just cruisin on the mini bikes in the yard!!! Going to make a few table top jumps to really make things interesting!!!!

Suzuki Z400 GoPro Handle Bar mount
Just out cruisin around on my quad enjoyin the day and doin a lil bit of recording. Hope everyone likes it!!!