Triple Engined - 9 cylinder - Kawasaki Drag Bike July 1981

Triple Kawasaki Drag Bike July 1981 Three x 3 cylinder H2 Engines.... awesome... although in this clip it looks like a big old 4 stroke eclipsed the 9 Cylinders.... ! The Two stroke Bike was called Freight Train.. raced by John Lloyd

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48 cylinder kawasaki, how it works, running after 5 years
UPDATE: Come and see this Guinness World Record holder at the Classic show in Hoddesdon, 13th July 2014! More details on the show here: and here: More details and a write up about the bike here: Our 48 cylinder motorcycle brought back to life! We got it going again - Note: The "donkey engine is LOUD", so please do turn the volume down a little.. You can see and hear the 48 running towards the end of the video.

Kawasaki H2 Double Engine - Part 5 (The Ride)
Wow, finally got to ride it!! Not meant to be a world beater, but needed an engineering project.

Peter Svensson runs the quickest Top Fuel Bike ET in the history of drag racing.
This is The Definitive and Conclusive High Definition Video of Peter Svenssons fantastic run of 5.709 seconds at Tierp Arena, Sweden, in Q2 on the afternoon of August 24, 2012. Obviously it's a tremendeous effort by all the members of Team STARTA Racing but also a huge thanks to producer SmartTV headed up by Robert Karström, Jonas Alholt for the mobile camera shots and Anders "Bostic" Envall for the most excellent editing.

Fast by Gast Kawasaki H1, H2 Dragster
Kawasaki Tuner Paul Gast