Racing Truck Nissan Titan #58511

This is an easy to build Nissan Titan truck kit. The body is mounted on the Tamiya DT-02 platform buggy chassis, which makes it ideal for any new hobbyist building a construction kit for the first time. The Nissan Titan body replicates the truck as it was raced in the 2006 Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR) season in the United States.

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Nissan Titan 1/12 Tamiya OFFROAD
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Complete Titan.wmv
An Awesome Beast built up..

Tamiya Audi Quattro Rally #58036 + Opel Ascona 400 Rally #58037 Promotional Video (1984)

TAMIYA DT-02 Jump Action
 ホリデーバギーのジャンプです。 撮影時に、自作のスライダーを使っています。 いい感 じにスライドしてるかな?  ※何で聞く?(笑)  尺が足りなかったので、サンドバイパーのオンボード 映像も詰め込んであります。(笑)