Porsche 917, 908, Ferrari 512: Part 2

1964-71 FIA Mfg. Championship cars on the track at the 2009 Monterey Historic Auto Races. Porsche 917, 908, 908/3, Ferrari 512, Ford GT, Alfa Romeo T33/2. Brian Redman won in the No.1 Porsche 908/3.

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Porsche 917-021 Spa Francorchamps
Porsche 917 - 021 Réalisation et music made by Daniel Fery https://www.facebook.com/daniel.fery

Porsche 917, the Ultimate Racecar ever! Warm-up, and Crash!!
Porsche 917 at Spa Six Hours 6 oktober 2007.

Nissan R-382 vs Porsche 917 in the Japan Grand Prix of 1969
Nissan R-382 vs Porsche 917 in the Japan Grand Prix of 1969 It's "Cool"! Three Nos. of Prototype, Nissan R-382 driven by the three racing drivers called "Nissan outstanding trio" belonging to Nissan Factory Team easily had overtaken even Porsche 917 driven by Jo "Seppi" Siffert, one of the skillful F1 racing drivers in '60s. Seppi with Porsche Factory Racing Team must have anticipated that Porsche easily could get the First Price just before the qualification sessions begin. But they couldn't. Goddess of Victory smiled at Nissan. After that, the result of the race had rushed on Porsche as an emotional trauma towards Nissan,which still seems to continue within the realm of the subconscious and the strong sense of rivalry still can been seen in adherence to the fastest course record at Nürburgring. Memorial scenes at Fuji Speed Way in the Japan Grand Prix of 1969.

Masters Sports-Cars qualifying practice Spa Six Hours 2012