MR2 with kinner R-55 radial engine FIRST FIRE!

here she is guys, 18days to the race and she fires up for the first time. the idle speed was about 450rpms but it seems like it could go significantly lower. the experience was much more visceral in person than this video shows. I smell like oil and gasoline now.

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Kinner R55 radial powered MR2 goes to Autobahn Country Club for 24hours of lemons race
here it is guys, a proper race. I only managed 20 laps with it which is less than stellar but i'm calling this good enough. I'm trading the engine for a turboshaft engine and I'll work on installing that instead. I did get the "most heroic fix" award at this race. sorry i took so long to re upload this video, the first attempt had a bunch of rendering errors.

THIS WAS JUST CRAZY! I DIDNT SEE IT RUN OR DRIVE AND DONT THINK ITS COMPLETE BUT IF THEY GET IT RUNNING IT WILL BE AWESOME! GET YOUR GLOW HOODIES HERE!! BUY CAR AUDIO AND MORE FROM ME HERE! BE SURE TO LIKE, SHARE , COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO =D Follow me on facebook here - iNSTAGRAM- THELIFEOFPRICE A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY YOUTUBE CONTRIBUTORS!! CHRIS LAVARIAS WILLIAM BERG DANIEL COLEMAN QUENTIN WILLIAMS If you are interested in what this is read below. I appreciate you being my subscriber / viewer and my videos will always be free.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! But if you would like to be a contributor for the hours of entertainment I provide you give it a look, thank you for your time!

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