Revving The Duel Truck

Brad Wike revving it and blasting the horn! He even let me do the same!! :D At the Virginia-Carolina Truck Show, 31 July 2010.

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The Duel Peterbilt Truck and Plymouth car chase and crash
In November of 2009 we purchased the surviving Peterbilt truck and Tank Trailer from the 1971 Film "DUEL" The truck was built for the extension of the film in 1974 and was a stand by truck for Universal to use in the film. We plan on making some more films of this truck and we also have just purchased a Plymouth Valiant to go with the truck! Stay Tuned!!

Duel 1971
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Inside the Duel Truck's Cab
Nothin' too fancy, hmm? Matches the exteriour, right? :P Virginia-Carolina Truck Show, 30 July 2011.

The Surviving Truck From Duel
This is the last known surviving truck from the movie Duel.  This is some footage I had from when I owned the truck from 03-05. I would like to thank Digital Dreams Studio for helping me put this together