Revving The Duel Truck

Brad Wike revving it and blasting the horn! He even let me do the same!! :D At the Virginia-Carolina Truck Show, 31 July 2010.

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Duel 1971 Full Movie HQ (sa prevodom)
Duel is a 1971 television (and later full-length theatrical) thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg in his full-length film directing debut and written by Richard Matheson, based on Matheson's short story of the same name. It stars Dennis Weaver as a terrified motorist stalked on a remote and lonely road by the mostly unseen driver of a mysterious tanker truck. David Mann is a middle-aged salesman driving on a business trip. He encounters a rusty, old tanker truck on a two-lane highway in the California desert, traveling slower than the speed limit and expelling sooty diesel Exhaust. Mann passes the truck, but the truck then roars past him and slows down again. Mann overtakes and passes again; the truck blasts its horn and Mann leaves it in the distance. Mann pulls into a gas station, and shortly after the truck arrives and parks next to him. Mann phones his wife, who is upset with him after an argument the previous night. They discuss him picking a "fist fight" with someone, giving a possible link to the truck driver. Several times, the truck driver blasts his air horn, seemingly impatient at waiting to be served by the attendant who is attending to Mann. The gas station attendant refills Mann's car and mentions that it needs a new radiator hose, but Mann refuses the repair.

Semi vs Dually Tug O War Daisy Dukes Truck Show
Thanks to every one that brought there trucks out to the truck show!!


The Duel Peterbilt Truck and Plymouth car chase and crash
In November of 2009 we purchased the surviving Peterbilt truck and Tank Trailer from the 1971 Film "DUEL" The truck was built for the extension of the film in 1974 and was a stand by truck for Universal to use in the film. We plan on making some more films of this truck and we also have just purchased a Plymouth Valiant to go with the truck! Stay Tuned!!