Shaun's 03 Cobra vs. 335i

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BMW 335i VS Mustang Cobra - short shorts
Haha that was an obscene gesture.

BMW 335i vs. Terminator Cobra
2008 BMW 335i takes on a Terminator Mustang Cobra Cobra makes about 450whp Supercharged Ford Mustang SVT Cobra BMW 335i Twin turbo Street Race Fast V8 I6 Boost Intercooled Drag Race

Challenger R/T vs 03 Cobra
Stock 09 R/T w/ JBA Exhaust messing around with a friends Pullied 03 Cobra. The challenger does suprisingly well out of the hole, but it's obvious it doesn't make the power it needs.

Supercharged m3 vs 03 cobra
Active Autowerke c30 Sc M3 with m50 manifold vs high modifed 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra(stage 4 polish and port, 2.7 pulley full intake and Exhaust and a few other things)65mph.