My BMW is a Lemon -- video montage of still pictures showing the problems

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2007 328i BMW Starting Problems
2007 328i BMW; Issues with starting please see video, and please provide suggestions in the comment window, thank you.

BMW 7-Series Problems, ACA, A Current Affair.
A Current Affair interviews two people who run 7-Series BMWs as limousines and have nothing but trouble with them.

BMW 335i is a Lemon Series - broken sunroof
Good thing it wasn't raining that day! E-mail me at with ideas as to how I can make it even clearer that my 335i that I got brand new is a lemon, or if you have comments, questions, or just general words of encouragement. Otherwise, look for me throughout Miami, Florida and tell me that you saw my lemon on YouTube!

2011 bmw x5 continues to have problems - highbeam fails