Bob Griffith's turbo Viper on Dyanpack, 4 PSI , 950 WHP

4 psi of Boost press ended up with 950 WHP and 806 LB FT TQ. Shane turned it up to 6 psi but it started shutting down the Dyno and exceeding the TQ limit. Hp was aprox 1070 and 900+ TQ when Dyno stopped with 1500 rpm left..

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The Hulk Supra runs 8.56@170.777 MPH
Ebrahiim Kanoo's Hulk Supra Bahrain drag strip test session Feb 22 2008. 3.0 Liter 2jzgte by Twins turbo. MoTec tuned by Shane Tecklenburg. Wiring by GP Motorsports. Chief Mechanic Haider Koohzad.

Bob Griffith's Twins Turbo Viper dyno 9.7 psi 1040hp 980 tq
Shane Tecklenburg working the Motec on Bob Griffith turbo Viper built by Twins turbo motorsports and Andrew "Surge" McClelland. New ID2000 injectors on the DynaPack chassis Dyno at Twins turbo in Signal Hill CA. Dyno pull at 10 PSI of Boost. Before you ask, the Dyno will not hold much more power and we are tuning it to run, not for a HP number.

Twin Turbo Viper
1000+hp 1200+rwtq Check out my other videos for more exotic car videos!

Twin Turbo GTO vs Twin Turbo Viper
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