BJ Baldwin Trophy Diesel

Testing Carli Suspension 3.0 dominator.

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Ballistic B.J. Baldwin's Car Control.
BJ Baldwin Drift World Champion!

BJ BALDWIN Breaks Loose At Dumont - YouTube.flv

General Tire "Cribs" - BJ Baldwin Homestory Las Vegas
Visit the General Tire Trophy Truck driver BJ "Ballsitic" Baldwin in his home and explore the cars, the pool, the minibike and other toys. Come into BJs world!

Ballistic BJ Baldwin Unleashed
Buckle up, settle in and see firsthand how “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin earned the nickname. In true outlaw fashion, he runs it as fast as he can through the rugged desert terrain leaving a giant trail of dust to prove it. And at the end of the day, this off-road desert racing champion credits his success to his father, his son and his crew – all of whom he’s proud to call family.