BJ Baldwin Trophy Diesel

Testing Carli Suspension 3.0 dominator.

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FOX5 Surprise Squad - Extreme Surprise with T.J. Lavin & B.J. Baldwin
The FOX5 Surprise Squad goes extreme to make a father's dream comes true!

A Day out With BJ Baldwin
Lucky us!!! Myra and I got invited out in "Rampage" by my longtime friend, professional trophy truck racer, BJ Baldwin. We were out there with his team, and my good buddy, Kit Cope. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I am forever thankful to him for taking us!! Song by

Monster Energy: BJ Baldwin at the 2013 Huckfest
BJ Baldwin takes time between races to have fun with his team and put on a show for the fans at the 2013 Huckfest at Pismo Beach!

Rally with the Trophy Diesel
Featuring Kye Walstrom