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2010 VW GTI Test Drive & Review

We drive around in the new 2010 vw GTI and see how the car drives in the real world. The 2010 VW GTI is the sport model of the VW Golf. The one we drive has the Autobahn package.


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2010 Volkswagen GTI W/ Conv. and Sunroof Walkaround, Review, and Test Drive
Help us grow so we can bring you more videos! Like us on Facebook @ http://www.Facebook.com/2Redline The Chief of Operations has a new car...a continuation of his "German car fanboyism". Have a look at what the Editor and Chief thinks about it! "The 2010 Volkswagen GTI is quite possibly the most refined "hot hatch" ever brought to our shores. If you don't demand maximum performance, put the GTI on your short list. The GTI is like a dignified elder statesman who refuses to do Facebook. It's extraordinarily suave and well-mannered, and its lifetime accomplishments are second to none among its peers -- but it just won't get on board with the latest trend. In the sport-compact segment, that trend is power. Lots of power. Anywhere from 237 horsepower to 265, if you're wondering. Yet the new sixth-generation GTI soldiers on with the same 200-hp inline-4 that first arrived in 2006. How can it hope to compete?" (Edmunds.com)

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2011 VW Polo GTI Car Review & Road Test Video-NRMA
One of the most awarded small cars in 2010, the Volkswagen Polo, gains another sibling, the Polo GTI. Consistent with current Volkswagen form, the new Polo GTI is more powerful than its predecessor, more fuel efficient, and yet these gains are achieved with a smaller capacity engine than that in the old model Polo GTI. Under the bonnet of this latest Polo GTI (instead of a 1.8-litre turbo engine) resides Volkswagen's latest generation 1.4-litre twin charge powerplant. Twin charging the engine means supercharging and turbocharging. This maximises the potential to wring the most power and torque. Co-incidentally it's the same size engine used in the current Golf range but with more power. This latest GTI has more power (132kW) and torque (250Nm) -- up 22kW and 30Nm compared with its predecessor. Importantly, it achieves this but uses 24 per cent less fuel than the old GTI at 6.1 litres per 100km. The Polo GTI feels as though it's inherited much of the Golf GTI DNA, right down to the 17-inch 'cookie cutter' or Denver style alloys -- the same size as the Golf GTI. From the front the GTI badge sits on the trademark GTI honeycomb grille with larger air intakes incorporated in the front apron. The Polo GTI sits 15mm lower compared with the rest of the range and a subtle colour-keyed roof spoiler and dual chrome Exhausts set the Polo GTI apart from the rest of the Polo models. You can choose either a three or five- door body style. Price start from $27,790 for the three-door version. You can't choose different transmissions though as interestingly no manual transmission is available. The all new Polo GTI's only gearbox choice is a seven--speed direct shift gearbox. Slip inside the new Polo GTI and anyone familiar with Volkswagens will feel right at home. Surprise, surprise, it feels a lot like the Golf GTI right down to the funky tartan pattern fabric covering the sports seats. All major controls are well laid out and the Polo GTI gains paddle shifts to maximise the performance potential from the seven-speed DSG. There are detail trim changes compared with regular Polo models. The gloss black highlights on the centre console are contrasted with brushed aluminium air vent surrounds and internal door handles. The contrast red stitching on the leather-wrapped steering wheel, gear-shift lever and handbrake elevate the GTI from the standard Polo models. And, like the rest of the range, you can't question the quality look and feel inside with features like the audio system coming from the Golf and Passat range. The sports seats have extra bolstering on the seat base, and backrest, and during our time behind the wheel (including a dash up Adelaide's Collingrove Hillclimb circuit) they proved to be exceptionally comfortable and supportive. The key strength for any performance car is the engine and the Volkswagen group has one of the best ranges of high tech engines - both petrol and diesel - at its disposal. Engineers can seemingly mix and match a myriad of combinations. Under the hood of the Polo GTI is a 1.4-litre four cylinder twin charged engine pushing out 132kW of power with the aid of a Supercharger and turbocharger. The advantage of this combo is that the Supercharger builds power from low engine revs then once the engine revs reach 3200, the turbo kicks in to build power up to max revs. It may sound complicated but in reality it works seamlessly. Accelerating hard up the ribbon of pavement at Collingrove Hillclimb and the diminutive engine spins up and comes on song immediately. The paddle shifts provide lightening quick upshifts. Apart from overcooking it into a sharp right hander I managed a respectable time. The Polo has grown in size and the GTI weighs in at 1189 kilos but the extra bulk hasn't hurt performance. The Polo GTI is 171 kilos lighter than big brother, the Golf GTI, and interestingly achieves the same 0-100kmh time of 6.9 seconds as the 2.0-litre GTI with less power. Read more VW car reviews at myNRMA: http://www.mynrma.com.au/motoring/reviews/car-reviews/volkswagen/5475.htm

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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