With Jamboree just around the corner held at the Sydney complex WSID, Full Throttle Friday was a full house, new cars, Amazing Rigoli corrolla first pass ever with a 7.8, Jimmy Jaffa rx3 from Pac Performance putting a 7.5 @ 176mph, With only months away from this even Jamboree stay tunned cause only going to get better. Cheers Jr and Dr

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Last year most of you know that our RX3 WON M/C Brisbane Jamboree 2012!! Another year on, Same setup gets us to the final, there was no final because it poured rain as we lined up to take our RX3 to victory and the finals, here is plenty of angles showing you how good our ROTORMASTER built RX3 goes! thank you FPV for your extra angles!! more vids to come!! PROUD SPONSERS, ROTORMASTER, ANYDOOR & GATES, SONY, WESTSIDE TOWING, DOMINELLO TRANSMISSIONS, WENTYSPARES,HALTEC,turboSMART. Cheers Jamie & Daniel.

Private test day - Julz cracks low 8s!
Support Australias Number 1 Rotary Channel.. Join our new website!! Click here its free!! http://www.rotorg33k.com/index.php?option=com_community&view=frontpage&item id=110 Julz first full pass 8.3, Maatouk has a go of a Sexy rx3, A Special thanks to Jackson from fast fours and rotaries for the 3 photos.. v8 twin turboed Mustang, same set up as bwarnd will update more info soon as requested 2 step footage of the rx7 has been posted here for you guys http://www.quartrmile.com/play.php?vid=467 for those that dont know, off cuts.. and footage i dont use in this Rotorg33k vids will be posted there, as well as photos etc. cheers RG

Factory Xtreme - Sydney Jamboree 2012 - Q1
Factory Extreme out in full force at the Sydney Jamboree, This video is of Qualifying session 1 with loads more to come including a website that is 90% complete so you can get up close and personal with your favourite Rotary or Piston in the all new Factory Extreme class, LIKE this VIDEO! and share it with your friends!! this is only the start of what is in store for 2012 and the years to come!! Will keep you all updated on the Site! Cheers RG JR

Rotorg33k RX3 Takes on the V8s at APSA ETZV8S
Little bro steers our car into the SEMI s at APSA to break out with a 8.8 ET on a 8.9 Dial in.. I will keep the videos coming soon, as most of you know i am battling an eye condition and working double time to get better so that i can hopefully steer our RX3 again! special thanks to all our sponsors!! we have one mean fighting machine!! Next event is Jamboree, i will miss it this year as i will be in the US undergoing another clinical trial that will hopefully give me most of my vision back. My Stem Cell treatment will be on ABC tomorrow night if any one wants to watch it. ABC 1 Head First | Stem Cell Highway | 830PM | 16th of July