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5648 | Laser Tools | Hub Puller Press Kit & Adaptor + Force Screws
Hub Puller & Driveshaft Remover/Press Kit - Part Number: 5648 - Hub Puller Adaptor - PCD 97mm - 123mm: 5649 - Impact Force Screw: 5500 - Hydraulic Force Screw: 5654 -

Remove Rear Hub Bearing, Any Car. Как Снять Подшипник Ступицы.
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honda acura hub puller and w7150
New video removing wheel bearings: homemade hub puller using impact wrench. Bent the 1st one, made 2nd one out of thicker tubing. I think 1st one bent only because I didnt use the brace but not 100% sure. This is a 97 Integra knuckle / hub. The screw is a 5/8 all thread from hardware store I think it is a grade 2. I was going to try a 3/4 all thread but the nut takes a big socket which I didnt have so went with the 5/8 screw and nut. The knuckle for the dc integra is a little bigger around the bearing than a ef crx / civic so puller needs to be a little narrower The impact I am using is a w7150 ir w7150

Hub Buster
The best and fastest way to remove the wheel bearing hub assembly The best and fastest way to remove the wheel bearing hub assembly