Duramax Diesel Walkaround.wmv

Gary Arvan, chief engineer for General Motors' Duramax diesel engine, highlights what's been changed for the 2011 model year -- plus how those changes can benefit pickup truck owners and operators.

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Chevrolet Duramax Engine
2.8L Duramax engine CG

2015 Duramax Diesel Cold Start -20ºF
Cold starting my 2015 GMC Sierra duramax diesel at about -20 degrees. Truck was not plugged in and had been sitting 24 hours. Engine all stock.

LBZ Duramax Chevelle 10.0 pass
Third full pass on the new triple 66mm LBZ combo. Still have plenty left in her..

V8 Duramax on Engine Dyno 500hp and 1050ft/lb DIESEL POWER
Chevy V8 diesel on John Sleath's engine Dyno, watch those headers glow, This almost stock engine made 1050ft/lb at 2000rpm and 504hp at 3000rpm with 27psi of Boost. The Land and Sea Dyno held it back with ease http://www.john-sleath.com/.