CH7 NEWS - "Hoon Challenge" (Mallala) - 23/05/09

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1995 Australian Drivers Championship - Rd 3 Mallala - Race 1
1995 Australian Drivers Championship - Rd 3 Mallala - Race 1

Subaru WRX STi Mallala Track Day
Both the Black 2002 STi and the blue 2006 WRX have had extensive work done on them, thank's to Sean and the boys at S&J. It was first track day for 2011 and both cars found it hard to get in good laps due to slower traffic resulting in poor lap times, however it was good to get out and get suspension set up for the track. Looking forward to the first time attack day this year on the 6th of March.

Hoons wreak havoc in Perth, Western Australia, 2014
The Hoon Epidemic reached a climax in July when Police impounded (nearly) 750 cars! Police are still working hard to educate the drunken mindless idiots who are temporary lifeforms. On motorcycles that is even more true with 4 people dead from this weekend gone on the 13th-14th September 2014. 195 vehicles have damaged property in the last 2 years. That is putting massive holes in houses and killing people. Fortunately a lot of people were not at home or in the other room of their house, but a vehicle is a weapon in the hands of hoons! And Police and Government need to deal with it likewise they deal with people that waive guns around in public who want to kill someone. This new proposal by the Police Minister is specifically going to confiscate a vehicle off a hoon on the first offence if the vehicle crashes into someone's house or property. The situation is so bad that even harder and tougher laws are needed with more enforcement. But the ultimate is to send the idiots to jail. It is a huge turn off to hoons and I believe will make them think more seriously than just losing their toys! Here is the article about the amount of incidents. People have complained often of street racing, drag racing and hooning in their streets where vehicles have finally damaged their properties. Here is the weekend motorcycle crashes: And it is funny how Police say that motorcycles are over-represented in statistics. It is simply because they take the most risks. That is speeding and absolutely idiotic behaviour!!!! Unless you are going to ride a motorcycle at 60 km/hr or less you are buying something that may tempt you and unless you are experienced on the road and deeply respect it (as in seeing others die who you know) you may end up dead yourself. Combine it with drugs and alcohol as most hoons do and you can expect to be injured in a crash or if a motorcycle rider a temporary lifeform.

A Current Affair "Hoons" 13/03/2012
Download free MP3's at ACA are a bunch of retards, the whole show is a joke. They were following the WRX, probably hoping he will get pissed off. Heck I would also get pissed off if they were filming me for no reason. How pathetic that they are this desperate for content. They should have done another story on supermarket bread. They try to make it look as if all car enthusiasts are "hoons". Trying to make all of us look like some sort of scum. They film random people to get them pissed off, then lock the doors and put the windows up, making it look like these guys are criminals and they're about to get mugged or something. That is some hardcore defamation towards car enthusiasts who are going for a night cruise. Just because they are young and drive a cool car, does not make them criminals, no ACA you were never going to be attacked, locking the doors and putting the windows up makes you a bunch of pussies. Modifying cars has been around since the end of World War II, veterans wanting to make their cars faster to get a thrill because after the war was over, they were quite bored and missed the thrill of war. Ever since then "Hot rodding" was quickly gaining popularity and it's a couture. People putting money towards their car because they love cars and love going fast. It's like how most girls spend shit loads of money on clothes, us guys spend it on our car. But ACA would never understand that.