CH7 NEWS - "Hoon Challenge" (Mallala) - 23/05/09

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are they car enthusiasts or not

[HOONIGAN] Thank You for Hooning, Vol. 1: The greatest hoonage caught on tape Thank You for Hooning, Vol. 1 is a video compilation of some of the greatest hoonage ever caught on film. Mad we missed your favorite hoon-clip? Share the link in the comments below!

Custom Imports - Private Track Day Mallala Raceway
Here we feature Luke Boardbent and Justin Codr with their drift machines at a private track day at in Mallala Raceway!! Check us out:

Leighton Fine - drifting at Mallala Motor Sport Park
Drift car driver Leighton Fine speaks to Craig Farmer about his sport. Mallala Raceway, Adelaide, South Australia, May 16, 2008.