Volvo 240 with 400 HP Awesome Sound

old school volvo 240 with so much torque does a quick burnout and accelerates through the smoke! check this out

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Old Volvo
Here are 5 reasons why you should buy an old Volvo. I was thinking of buying a Volvo 140/240/740/940 so I decided to make this video to show how good a Volvo really is. I really hoped you enjoyed this video, please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Hey so some of you think I'm an asshole for not giving any credit to the people that I "stole videos from" so here are most of the videos that I found: 0:00 to 0:13 : v&src_vid=zDT0IKqDIYQ&v=LLXaiMMi4_M 0:14 to 0:25 : 0:26 to 0:31: to be honest, I couldn't find it :( 0:32 to 0:50 : 0:51 to 0:58 : v&src_vid=zDT0IKqDIYQ&v=BvueBwSVj3E 0:59 to 1:04 : v&src_vid=zDT0IKqDIYQ&v=aaGE1PgQG-o 1:05 to 1:12 : v&src_vid=zDT0IKqDIYQ&v=tSjqXk56POc 1:13 to 1:20 : &src_vid=zDT0IKqDIYQ&v=uBXiQh1VJJ0 1:21 to 1:28 : v&src_vid=zDT0IKqDIYQ&v=XidszGa5I5k 1:29 to 1:37: 1:38 to 1:50 : 1:51 to 2:05 : v&src_vid=zDT0IKqDIYQ&v=tAaL8s3wNxI 2:06 to 2:16 : 2:17 to 2:27 : couldn't find it :/ 2:28 to 2:33 : Oh and btw I know that you could buy it for like 200$ but in America, the average is like 1500-3000$ so yeeeee you know what I mean..

Volvo Compilation #2 | Insane Volvos
Finally had some freetime away from schoolwork to put together another video. As stated at the end of the video, I recently hit 500 subscribers and will soon surpass 400k total video views. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to subcribe for more Volvo content if you haven't already! *YES THE FIRST CAR IS NOT A VOLVO! It has a Volvo engine swapped into it* *I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CLIPS USED IN THIS VIDEO! I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO! BOTH ARE USED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED!* tags volvo compilation clips cool crazy insane burnout drift rev limiter turbo spool flutter Exhaust straight pipe catless rwd fwd awd 240 740 940 v70 s60 850 r acceleration highway pull ipd viva snabb built modified wagon sedan jump air crash slammed lowered antilag anti lag flames fire diesel snow rally launch swap swapped

Volvo 244 turbo sleeper
Lite ploj race i lördags den 23/6-12 LINK TO MOVIE WHIT NEW ENGINE B230 16V turbo

Volvo 244 2JZ by JTmedia fi
Volvo 244 2JZ by JTmedia fi