Ninja 250R Overtakes Ferrari

Exactly as title states! no we weren't racing or anything :P but damn, this person was slow.

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Ninja 250 Over Taking Abilities and Randoms

Overtaking and passing on a Ninja 250
Various clips of a Ninja 250 passing and overtaking, on the street. If you're thinking of buying one this may give you a feel for what to expect from the bike. New Gen (2008, 2009,2010,2011,2012)

My Mother's Reaction to my Ninja 250... (hidden camera!)
UPDATE!!: **I no longer have the Ninja 250. I have a supermoto. See video response for walkaround** (Annotations on for subtitles/dialogue boxes) My arrival from KC via motorcycle was a complete surprise to my parents, as they had no idea I had even bought a motorcycle. My extended family was all in on it, however, so I rode to my aunt and uncle's house, and we invited my mother over. Her reaction has been filmed. My personal favorite is my 83-year-old grandma saying how badly she wanted to ride my motorcycle. LOL. Mom wasn't terribly happy with my choice, but is happy that I'm happy. She's also glad I ride responsibly.

Boss Hoss Big Block VS Kawasaki Ninja ZX12
Boss Hoss is a typical american bizarre thing, this "bike" is only to show off to stupid people. It´s unable to do a good curve, it´s extremely heavy and expensive, at least is good in a straight line... but lost to ZX-12 in this situation. Boss Hoss sux!!!