Vespa 400 all'Euroape 2009

Simpatica la Vespa 400

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Yellow Vespa 400 that was on ebay now sold
This is video just taken on June 27 2011 on yellow Vespa 400 on ebay.

Vespa 400 Car Starting
The second time I have started my Vespa 400 car. 2-stroke, 400cc stock as they come

Vespa 400 50th Anniversary in the USA
The first USA Vespa 400 Meet in Knoxville, TN, October 2008 celebrating the 50th anniversary of this little car's introduction into the United States. The 2-cylinder, two-cycle powered Vespa 400 was built in France from 1956-1961. It was designed by the Italian scooter firm Vespa, and was the only car they ever made. Some were made especially for the U.S. market. Only one body style was ever made.

Newly restored Vespa 400 car goes for its first drive
Very nice little Vespa 400 goes for its first drive after new engine, rebuilt transaxle and paint. We have to work all the bugs out, because we did not do a total restoration on this car.