Drifting at Sydney Powercruise 2010

A bit of a compilation of the drifting from Sydney Powercruise 2010. Be sure to check out the datsun 1200 ute 'SLUG' near the end - talk about car control.

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Powercruise 51 Perth 2014 - Fails and Spins
A few spins from on-board cruising and then a bunch of stacks from a very entertaining drifting session. Unfortunately the mint Camaro in the first clip copped some nasty rear quarter damage. The black 2 door Commodore was all over the shop but luckily didn't hit any of us.

Supernats 2010 @ Eastern Creek in-car cruise video number 2 Twin Turbo V8 Ford Capri
we were running low on fuel so had to go get some more. lil side by side action with the tuner Vince Rigoli in there new combo a Holden Alloytec V6 making 800rwhp. we could get absolutely no traction LOL we had a group of mates their blue Cortina, yellow EH, Corvette Z06, AU Falcon, MANIAK Walky, Vince in the Datsun Ute and Mick in the 'SLUG' Datto Ute was a great day overall

Powercruise CA18 datsun 1200 ute
Datto ute CA18 having some fun at powercruise

Powercruise 2011