Mitsubishi Eclipse Police Chase with a 5.0 Mustang

Popo's chase a dsm with their 5.0 Mustang, but still could barely catch up to it

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150MPH High Speed Police Chase BMW M3 Driven By 15 Year Old Here is a very fast car chase at speeds up to 150mph. The police are trying to catch a BMW M3 driven by a 15 year old. Does he get caught or not? Daily funny videos: Like us on facebook: Follow us on twitter: high speed police chase bmw m3 young driver getaway fast running cops chasing

Southern California Police Pursuit - June 5, 2013 This Channel is for Entertainment and Educational purposes. Comments are encouraged. However, any Racist, Abusive or Derogatory remarks will be removed and the User will be subject to being blocked from viewing this channel.

Police Chase: Suspect tricks police by taking off coat and walking away - 10.02.13
October 2nd 2013 - Los Angeles, California. A man fleeing is able to evade police for enough time to run in to a house (20:20), take off his coat, and walk away from police who are only a few feet from him (20:55). He is later discovered (25:12). This video is the whole police chase. For more information, check out e-on-101-freeway-in-woodland-hills/

California High Speed Police Chase Saleen Mustang 120+ MPH (KNBC)
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