Camshaft and Crankshaft Installation Part 1 - Building a Small Block Chevy Part 3

Installing the camshaft and prepping the main bearing for crankshaft installation. Check out my site at for more info on my nova. I also have more videos of it in my channel.

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Crankshaft Installation Part 2 - Building a Small Block Chevy Part 4
Installing the crankshaft by torquing the mains and checking bearing clearances. Also check crankshaft end play. Check out my site at for more info on my nova. I also have more videos of it in my channel.

Germany Diesel Engine Resemble Method - Remanufacture the 466T Engine & Crankshaft for Agriculture
The copyright belong to Abilene Machine Inc If there is any copyright strike, please email to for discussion. I will fully follow the decision of the video owners. Abilene Machine takes great pride in our remanufactured longblock assemblies. To insure years of trouble-free operation, all components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected before assembly. Blocks are align bored, the deck is resurfaced, and the sleeve counter bore is recut to guarantee they fall within OEM tolerances. Connecting rods are resized and the center-to-center dimension is corrected. Your longblock contains either a new or a reconditioned crankshaft (depending on availability) and is assembled using only the finest namebrand parts on the market today. Our quality control program dictates that specifications, tolerances and cleanliness are checked and rechecked during final assembly. As a final precaution, all remanufactured longblocks are wrapped in plastic to prevent contamination. We're so confident of our remanufactured longblocks that we back them with a one of the best warranties in the business. Our Longblock Assemblies Include: •Fully Machined Cylinder Block •Reconditioned or New Crankshaft •Reconditioned Connecting Rods & New Rod Bolts •New Pistons & Sleeves •New Rod, Main & Cam Bearings •Remanufactured Oil Pump •Reground Camshaft & Lifters •Reconditioned Cylinder Head •Remanufactured Oil Cooler •New Gaskets & Seals We are technology lovers, who love to collect amazing technology videos to introduce them to other people. This become our part of interest. However, during our work, there maybe some copyright strikes. If so, please contact us via Thank you for supporting.

How to Assemble a Chevy Engine Part 1
This video will show you how to assemble a Chevy engine (or any engine) starting from the basic block. It goes through installing the crankshaft, checking for the right clearences using plastic gage, installing the rings on the pistons, installling the piston in the block, checking the rod bearing clearence, torquing all the bolts to the collect specifications, installing the rear main seal, and demonstrating how the motor works from the bottom view and top view.

Cam Bearing Install Building a 350 chevy part 2
Here I am replacing the cam bearings in my small block 350 I'm building for my 1978 Nova Custom. I didn't notice until watching the video that the 2, 3, & 4 bearings were installed at the 6 o'clock position (oil feed hole pointing straight down) instead of the 5 o'clock position my GM service manual specifies. Check out my site at for more info on my nova. I also have more videos of it in my channel.