GTA 4 : Tokyo drift

Follow us on: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: S&M Team available on Rockstarsocialclub XBOX 360 movie. English Subtitles available! French parody with english subtitles by SM team. Non commercial video here just fair use. GTA 4 Tokyo Drift Han Tribute (ENG PC HD) : Fast and furious part 1 : Fast and furious Part 2: GTA 4 : Back Toh the Future HD: Thanks to SFX6669, loulouprod, jaydu54, renostunt, Thedon69190, dudlife and the others! Tokyo drift à la sauce GTA IV Tokyo drift in GTA 4 all credits go to the originals peoples who mades the movie like universal, to rockstar, take two, microsoft, Grits,Teriyaki boyz, Drangon ash, Juelz Santana & the Stunts & Movies Team. Song list (in order of appearance) : - Grits - my life be like - Teriyaki boyz - tokyo drift - Juelz Santana - there it go - Drangon ash - resound You can buy the sounds here :

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GTA 5 - TOKYO DRIFT MONTAGE (Han's RX7 Veilside Fortune)
GTA 5 - Han's Mazda RX7 Tokyo Drift Montage! GTA 5 Drifting with Veilside Fortune Mazda RX7 Mod Enjoyed the video? Make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more! - Hope everyone enjoys this GTA 5 Drift Montage I put together! Decided to make a tokyo drift themed montage using a remix of the song, the Veilside Fortune RX7 mod, and a character that looks similar to Han from the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift movie! "Life's simple, you make choices and you don't look back." - Han. Mods used in the video: - Veilside Fortune RX7: - Drift Handling: (I customized the handling to my preference.) - GReddy BOV: und - Open IV: - Free Camera: - Trainer: * Video made in GTA V using mods, Director Mode, and Rockstar Editor. Song: Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift (Instant Party Remix) Check out more GTA 5 Online videos here!: - Funny Moments: - Stunt Montages: - BMX Episodes: - BMX Tutorials: Follow Me: - Twitter: - Google+: - Twitch:

GTA 4 : Fast and Furious Part 2/2 (ENG Subs)
Follow us on: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: S&M Team available on Rockstarsocialclub The english subs are available! Orignal "The fast and the furious" parody Mod : Simple Native Trainer La derniere partie de notre projet fast and furious! Apres plus de 200h de travail et de problèmes rencontrés! Tous les credits vont à l'equipe du film original de fast and furious mais aussi à Rockstar, Microsoft, ModmyGta et enfin la S&M Team alias : Yaya94120, Madmatrax93100 qui m'ont beaucoup aider pour le tournage mais aussi DKDKnight et SFX6669 car sans eux aussi le projet n'aurait jamais abouti! Merci à vous tous les gars! Et à une prochaine (et je pense avoir déja ma petite idée!) Last part of our project! After more than 200 hours of job (for free) we did it! Enjoy and please rates and comments! For the song Buy it on iTunes!

Grits - My Life Be Like/Ohh Ahh (Remix ft. 2Pac & Xzibit - Tokyo Drift video version)
Please like us on Facebook! Download Link: Added 2Pac in the mix: D-Ace ( ) Added Xzibit in the mix and made the outro: DJCvince ( ) Bought the HQ version of the song and the instrumental: Worldwide ( ) Hope you like it! Spread it around for everyone to see, more vids coming soon :)

Real GTA
MUSIC: Carpenter Brut "Paradise Warfare" - Listen to the official edit : - Get it here : Los Santos is a real place. Like the video? Support more on Patreon! BTS: