Kawasaki ZRX (2003) Dyno Run02 147hp 08/29/09

Metric Cycles Tulsa Dyno Day, 08/29/09. Second of two pulls on my 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200 resulting in 147hp with A/F slightly over 14. Mods to bike are Ross 12.5/1 pistons, Muzzy ZZR cams(pitted of course), deshrouded intake valves, K&N pod filters, Factory Pro jet kit running 138 main jets across/ needles at 3 and air screw 2-1/2 out along with a Kerker 4 into 1 megaphone Exhaust with 2" outlet and race baffle. Run was on Shell 91 octane pump gas with no additives. Metric Cycles Tulsa is a full service shop capable of providing any service you need from tire mounting, oil changes to full motor rebuilds and race tuning. Friendly folks who are knowledgeable about motorcycles and will stand behind their work!

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329HP ZRX Turbo Blowing-Through-FCR-Carbs Dyno Pull with Graphs Evolving to 472HP!!!
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Kawasaki ZRX1200R Realize サイレンサーに交換♪
YさんがカワサキZRX1100に付けてたRealize(リアライズ)サ イレンサーをMAVERICK(マーヴェリック)に交換したから Realize要る?って んで、戴いちゃいました♪ Yさん太っ腹です♪ この場をお借りしてお礼を・・・ Yさん、ありがとうございます♪ 重低音の効いたイイsoundです♪ 早く暖かくならないかな~ブヒブヒ~♪ ヨシムラサイクロン集合管にリアライズサイレンサーで す!

大丈夫!Kawasaki ZRX-1200R
男子漢大丈夫!這句話用在機車界裡,就是我們今天為大 家介紹的Kawasaki ZRX-1200R,就算是到了當今科技進步之時,Kawasaki ZRX-1200R依舊有許多保留的傳統與風味,在全球機車市場擁 有廣大的支持者。 其實四大日系重機廠牌,均有推出類似的經典車款;ZRX-12 00R以方燈搭配車頭整流罩,樹立出獨樹一格的造型,而我 們今天介紹的ZRX-1200R,車主花重本改裝後,除了保有舒適 的街車性能外,下賽道更可跑出不錯的單圈成績,可謂一 款動靜皆宜的大型重機。

ZRX1100 with Kerker and Race baffle
Not bad for a meg' ;-)