Nissan And Suzuki in the Mud

Older offroad videos. Stock tires on my truck, but we still had a good mud run.

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Nissian Hard Body Mud Bog
This Was Tylers First trip 4 Wheelin in his Nissian.

Simply Red To The Rescue
Brian's toy get's swamped, Simply Red pulls him out. (Nissan 4x4)

Simply Red in Mud (longer Version) (Nissan 4x4)
A longer clip of one posted a while back

Saturday Wheelin'
Hill Climbs and a mud splatter with some photos at the end. It was a really good time driving around through the hills and the sage bush then having fun in the mud pit up on Blue Grade in East Wenatchee. My truck is the Dark Red pick-up which is a 1987 Nissan D21 with a 3" Body Lift and 33" Hankook Tires. My friend is riding shotgun and then my other buddy is in his Dodge which I believe is a 2001, not positive, thanks to him for the video footage as it was his camera. Took me a good four hours to clean all the mud off the body, from inside the cab, and I did some cleaning underneath it. Song: Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd