Ferrari vs Lamborghini - The Best Sounds

My Facebook fan page: Visit my blog: During the years, I took many videos about Ferrari and Lamborghini and now, I put all them together. This is the result: Ferrari vs Lamborghini! In the video you can listen the best sounds of the brands and also watch cars like: -Ferrari Enzo F50 F40 599 GTO 599 GTB 458 Italia 430 Scuderia 430 GT2 430 (Spider) 360 CS -Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Murcièlago LP670-4 Superveloce Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera LP570-4 Blancpain LP560-4 (Supertrofeo, Spyder) Countach Miura SV So, ENJOY IT! :)

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Ferrari 458 Italia Crash on the Track!!
My Facebook fan page: Visit my blog: During the Ferrari club italia meet at vallelunga track, i was recording a 430 scuderia when a 458 slides off road; this time it didn't crash... Some laps later it done the same thing, it goes off road but this time it didn't brakes, so, it crashes!

Best of 2012 - LOUD Supercars Sounds!!
My Facebook fan page: 2012 has been a pretty nice year... I've seen many cars like the F12berlinetta, Aventador LP760-2 or the MP4-12C; I've filmed most of them! Now I decided to put the best moments of 2012 in this video, but only the best sounds! Indeed there are only pure car sounds, start ups, revvings and accelerations! Turn up your volume and enjoy my video!!

Unloading a BROKEN Ferrari LaFerrari from a truck!
The 2015 edition of the Ferrari Cavalcade is taking place in Rome. About 90 Ferraris are attending the event, with owners coming from all over the world. This event sets a new record, 15 LaFerraris all together, and one of those was broken. This video shows the unloading of the car, with engine start up and the car moving to the parking in a beautiful place of Rome. Don't forget to subscribe and share the video!! Facebook: Instagram:

Corvette Z06 w/Modified Exhaust - Start & Rev
My Facebook fan page: I have filmed an incredible Corvette Z06 with ZR1 front and modified Exhaust system. It sounds very very good and loud! Here you can listen a start up and a "little" revving.. hope you like it :)