Leather smart repair on a Mercedes leather seat, HBC system B1 is aprowed for Mercedes

A smart repair Leather repair on a Mercedes leather seat, the smart repair producer HBC system is producer for Daimler, Merceds, Ford and other leading brands. http://www.smartrepairtools.com/Interior-repair-systems-5604.aspx?ProductID=PROD18 System B1 Complete Plastic, leather, and vinyl system· B1 HBC system B1 is a system for repairs of plastic, leather & vinyl both hard and flexible as well as interior as exterior parts, bumpers, dashboards and leather & vinyl components System B1 contains a complete assortment of adhesives ranging from specially developed hotmelt with fine structure to soft, flexible, or hard bumper- adhesive for dash-boards and glass fibre boxes on caravans and lorries. The system is complete with cleansing fluids, primers, and reinforcement material. Included are all the required tools and adhesive materials to complete the repair from start to finish. The system makes it possible to repair hard and flexible plastic, both interior and exterior parts, bumpers, dashboards, as well as leather and vinyl components.

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How to repair a leather tear in a car seat
This video shows you how to repair a tear in a leather car seat, but it is the same process for a chair as well

Putting Better or Newer Seats in Your Mercedes Benz: Example W126 300SDL
PLEASE NOTE: Cup holder shown in video is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. For seat repair manuals and sagging spring repair kits go here: https://mercedessource.com/store/search?keys=seat%20repair See the results of putting the seats from a later model 126 300SEL seats into an earlier 300SDL. In many cases you can greatly improve the driving comfort of your Benz by putting late model seats into an early model from the same chassis. Always do your research before you plan to swap seats or you can run into unexpected challenges. Anything is possible but do you really want the hassle and extra trying to make a seat work in a car that it was never intended for! If your front seats are bad and you can not find good used replacements be sure and check out Kent's manuals and repair kits. Follow the link above. PLEASE NOTE: Cup holder shown in video is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

leather repair on a car seat
minimal damage on a leather seat can be repaired perfectly.

Mercedes-Benz E350 - seats restoration
Mercedes-Benz E 350 2007 year Sedan in our Upholstery shop in Los Angeles. Where I can repair seats and other inerior parts in LA? Interior repair - replace driver seat. In Best Way Interior Upholstery in Los Angeles, California. 5600 Venice Blvd #B Los Angeles CA 90019 Call to us (310) 435-8417 http://bestcartop.com/