2009 Ford Explorer Sport V8 Intake, Exhaust, & Tune Performance

SVTPerformance.com takes part in a little Daily Driver mod session. We added a K&N FIPK Intake and a Magnaflow cat-back, both purchased from Lethal Performance. To take advantake of the improved airflow we then loaded a custom 93 Octane tune from VMP Tuning. The result is more power, agressive sounds, and improved looks. For all the details check out the full article here: http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/front-page-news-143/871761-svtperformance-installs-tests-intake-Exhaust-tune-2009-v8-explorer.html

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4x4 Supercharged Explorer Sport Trac
Cargador Eaton M90 adaptado y entonado por nosotros. 5psi. Stock: 188awhp/218awtq Tune y K&N CAI: 227awhp/253awtq M90 SC y tune: 316awhp/333awtq Con una perdida estimada de 25% por 4x4 automatico. 420hp/440tq aprox. Tuned con SCT.

2008 Ford Explorer V6 test drive - top speed run
10.15 seconds to hit 100 kph, with aircon running! the 2008 Ford Explorer comes with a 4.0L V6 engine that puts out 210 hp and 344 nM of torque may seem a so uncapable on the paper, but actually does a commendable job both on and off tarmac! Low end kick is good and power, though could have been better, is adequate. On the road, the Explorer surprises it's driver with stratospheric cornering levels..there is moderate body roll and Ford's Roll Stability Control should keep things safe anyway..Interior is spacious and can seat 7..Top speed is electronically limited to 175 kph..Minus points are, only average power from a V6 4.0 unit as i said earlier which is, though adequate, is uncomparable to that in a Prado or Pathfinder; Roll stability control cannot be turned off and hence may intervene during off-road maneuvres; stupid street tyres for a good off-roader like that ..Overall, a very good family vehicle which can seat 7, is very comfortable and smooth, very affordable and has above average off-road abilities.

2008 Ford Explorer V8 LTD with Magnaflow Catback
My daily driver Explorer with a Magnaflow catback. Not loud at all; good for a daily driver. Slight rumble when you accelerate, but like stock when you're up to speed and just cruising.

2009 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer
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