Dual at De Anza 2007

Autocrossing at the Duel at De Anza: 5/20/07

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Victor Sias's BMW M3 Duel at De Anza Autocross 2006
Victor Sias makes a run in his race modified M3 at the De Anza Autocross of '06 for a time of 47.205, marking the fastest time for a BMW at the autocross, and placing well within the top 5 times that day.

Shadi Khudari AutoCross (Speed Test) 5/18/2008
Duel De Anza

Duel at De Anza Autocross 2009
Chris's run SM Subaru STI

Duel at DeAnza 2008 - 52.030
Duel at DeAnza 2008. Not a great time, but not awful, either. 52.030 was good enough to put me at 51st out of 252 entrants, but last place in SM. :(