Precision 6262 1st Gen Talon Walk Around

My Talon finally up and running. 91' TSi AWD, stock block, built head, Precision 6262 DBB, dual walbros in tank, Precision 1200cc, 4" Exhaust, DSMLink V3, built trans, etc. Made 471awhp @ 23 lbs stock block / 93 oct pump gas on a conservative tune.

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6262 Evo 8 Test Run
Just a short test run in my big turbo evo 8 2nd to 3rd gear pull. Im still having some weird cut issue when using my nlts but that will be fixed soon. Mods: Stock block ARP Rod Bolts ARP Headstuds Manley Springs and Retainers HKS 280 cams Precision Billet 6262 .82 Hotside Journal bearing@27psi ETS Intake With stock MAF 3.5" FMIC Straight 3" Exhaust Tuned by MDR Performane

'96 Eagle Talon Tsi Dyno Tune - 6262 BB Turbo

Toby Cook Age 15 & 175lb B/W Benching 370lbs (WEIGHT COUNT)
This is a video of me benching 370lbs at age 15 and 175lb b/w. In this video, I weigh each plate individually to show that it is completely legit. This is for all of those who said I was bs and my lift fake.

405lbs for 1 Rep
This is a recent video taken of me benching 405lbs @ 16 yo and 190lb b/w