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Las Vegas Lowriders
Las Vegas Hopping SUNDAY

2009 Denver Lowrider Super Show
Radical Hydraulic Dance Shortys car

Torres Empire 2014 After Hop
Torres Empire 2014 After Hop/Show Hop ...everybody vs L.A! everythingisrg -RG Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/everythingisrg Instagram: @everythingisrg

That's right Vol.29 (SUFFERING FROM SUCCESS) is set to be released August 30th 2013. This DVD has the crazy hop off between Colorado and New Mexico that just happened! For those of you that left the hop cause off the rain! Don't worry about what you missed cause it's all on this DVD! Also I traveled to Tulsa ok for the individuals C.C picnic! Were it went down Kc Majestics and down for life C.C battled it out and had a few not so nice things to say afterward! The picnic was a big success again!!! I had my show at a&w that turned out some pretty big names and awesome cars and bikes! Midland TX Easter picnic with the annual tug of war comp was very funny and competitive I mean some guys on the end of the rope was well over 400+ pounds! So the tug was really a war! more the 200+ cars came out to support! The intimitdations C.C car show was pretty good the hop was exciting! Arizona after hop was crazy! The car on the cover hit 122" single pump no one has ever done that before! More then 17 Hoppers showed up to this event to support. Thank you all for coming out! When you think of banda, free food, nice cars, and picnic you think of Unity C.C picnic that's right they did it again! Dancing hopping they had it all! The preview will be up later this week! I will be taking preorders from now til August 8th 2013! So get it before they are all gone! And be the first to have it!!!!! Thank you all for your support!!