Viper ACRX Hot Lapping in Palm Beach

Strapped in is Kumo Whitmere, who currently drives for Woodhouse in the Speed GT Series. He has some cajones made of steel as he heads down the stretch at over 160 MPH. This is real talent, as serious as it gets, and the 4 gentlemen from Dodge, Dick, Matt, Jack and Mark were as relentless as it gets in achieving the best lap with the best possible tire/spring combination. Matt even logged the water Kumo was drinking!! Talk about anal. These guys are as good as it comes. Congrats to Dodge!

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2010 Viper ACR-X #50/50 - COTA (2/3/13 Session 3) - Cockpit Passenger
Driver: Ray M. Car: 2010 ACR-X #50/50 Track: Circuit Of The Americas Date: 02/03/13 Session: Day 3 - Session 3

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