Vote: Chevy FAIL - Chevy FTW? Owned by 2 Rams?

VOTE: Mercedes Fail or Chevy Fail? VOTE: Chevy FTW or Dodge FTW Palos Verdes Dr. South in San Pedro, CA is usually just a beautiful hilly route. On January 19th San Pedro had a "100 year flood" that easily overtook the towns drainage system. This mud and rock sludge busted through a barricade and flooded the only street on the coast that connects San Pedro to the rest of the coast. I was at 25th and Western when I saw a huge Coca-Cola truck pulling out muddy twigs that had reached the top of his grill and got in his cab. So I took my camera and went as fast as I could just 30 seconds from the gas station and just started recording. The Indian taxi driver told me the Mercedes SUV did not have any momentum, so they stalled causing him to hit them from behind just before he flooded his engine. The funny thing about the Chevy vs Dodge thing, two Rams (and a super duty) take on the muddy rock pile after the Chevy tries to play it safe. xD At the end of the video you see the Super Duty waiting for its turn to take on the pile and it did, but I had to go, you know, since my town was kinda having a flash flood.

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2009-06-24 Flooding - Denver, CO
***NOT FOR BROADCAST*** STORM CHASER TONY LAUBACH VIDEO DESCRIPTION A quick, but hard hitting storm moves over northwest Denver and dumps 1.34 inches of rain in less than 45 minutes. It resulted in urban flooding across parts of the area, including here at 80th and Chase about a block west of Sheridan.

Truck Rescue 2005 Flood
2005 flood in Greene, NY, i wanted to get my truck out of the flood before it got any higher, btw, the water was FREEZING ass cold! you will also notice i use a Grant anti-theft steering wheel device, ... even as gently as it appears of me trying to get out of the flooded area, my tires tore up the lawn below about 3" - 4" deep.