Reclaiming Democracy / De Anza College

This 9 minute and 38 second film was produced by De Anza College under the leadership of communications professor Kim Pearce. The film overviews the importance of a more participatory democracy, and refers people to the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation and several of its member organizations. The voices you hear and the on-camera narrator are De Anza College students representing 5 countries.

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Children Participatory Budget of Sao Paulo
Trailer of a documentary on Participatory Democracy at Sao Paulo, Brazil. Kids have a voice. In more than 450 public elementary schools they discuss the changes they want for their schools, neighborhoods and lives. Deep consciousness on the difficulties of living in such a contradictory world.

World Cafe Dialogue Workshop
Juanita Brown and David Isaacs created the World Cafe workshops to evoke collective intelligence and link it to effective action. They host these "conversations about questions that matter" around the world. Mike Garibaldi Frick invited them to host a World Cafe at his loft with friends and family to discuss the meaning and possibilities for personal dialogue. This video is part of the DVD extras on the Dialogue Documentary DVD. More information on the Dialogue documentary: More information on the World Cafe:

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