83 Chevy citation x11 clone

My crappy car and the rest of the used car lot.

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A look at a 20+ years unregistered 1981 Chevy Citation!
Hi! I'm AreWildz28 and I love cars, my 2 Sons, and my 2 cats Buddy and Tommy! Thanks for watching! I never beg for subscribers..thats up to you! More vids soon..

1981 Chevrolet Citation X-11 with Cadillac 4.9L V8 Engine
This is me starting my 1981 Chevrolet Citation X-11 with Cadillac 4.9L V8 Engine w/ 4 speed manual Muncie transmission. This vehicle is for sale, engine swap is perfect, runs like a bat out of hell, all suspension steering and accessory engien bay parts replaced with new, gets good gas mileage. needs the love from a good body and paint guy. if you want to take all the guess work out of a difficult engine swap like this, i did all the work and invested over $7,000 in new parts ( less than 13K miles on a new GM crate engine ! ). All you have to do is restore the body and you have yourself a FWD HotRod! reach out to me at stickpony@gmail.com if you are interested. go here for all the details about the swap: http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/cto/4695347161.html

1985 chevrolet citation x 11 commercial
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