Windshield Covers

This patented all season cover goes on fast and provides real protection on three windows not just one. It stays on even when the wind blows. Save yourself from the morning battle with snow and ice on your truck. Enjoy the sun shade in the hot summer anytime you need it. Some covers are too big and some are too small. This one is just right and proudly made in America. Get yours today at

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Windshield Cover from Gethercovered 2014
The best all season windshield cover made in America. See how it works and why it is the best. Want it in stores? Tell all your friends about it. Makes a great gift for anyone who has a windshield to cover. See more at

New Invention - iceScreen ~ The Magnetic Ice Shield
Clear your car window of ice, snow or frost in seconds with the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield! hield This easy to use snow removal product will completely change your outlook on having to park outside this winter. Safety and practicality are of utmost importance to us. A clean window in the middle of winter no longer has to be considered a luxury, reserved only for those with a garage – now anyone can drive away with a clean windshield in less time than it takes to locate your scraper. Ice scraping is so last year. The iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield is reinforced with a double waterproof coat – it will keep your windshield free from ice, snow and frost through the worst of winter. Early morning dew will be no competition for this fast acting solution. Use the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield cover all year round – just flip your cover over for instant sun reflection. This all-in-one solution works like a charm to keep your dashboard, steering wheel and front seats cool during summer months. Dark interior and leather seats are no longer an issue – no more burning or waiting for the air conditioning to cool things down! It comes with magnet clips that are not only fun, but practical. Effortlessly attach them to your vehicle’s framework by simply peeling off the cover to reveal a clear window underneath. All magnets come in chrome/stainless steel. The magnets are circular and come in their own gel padding case – removing all edges from the equation. Video used with permission. Video Copyright (c) of its respective owner.

iceScreen Deluxe Magnetic Ice Snow Sun Windshield Cover Review
iceScreen Deluxe Magnetic Ice Snow Sun Windshield Cover Review Product Link: *7 Additional Magnets For Stronger Grip *Sun Reflective On Reverse Side *Quickly Attaches With Padded Magnets *Keeps Your Windshield Free From Ice And Snow *Storage Pockets Also Serve As Anti-theft Feature

The Car Windshield Snow Cover You Must Have
Go to - Are you tired of suffering freezing cold conditions as you scrape the ice and snow off your windshield in the mornings? Fed up with frozen fingers and toes? Do you wish you could just wrap a big blanket around your vehicle and sleep a few precious minutes longer? Well at last you can with the SnowOFF! Car Windshield Snow Cover. Say goodbye to your snow-covered windshield. This easy to use, easy to store cover means you won’t need your brush or scraper again! Just peel back the cover for a frost free windshield. This specially designed Automotive Windshield Snow Cover checks all these boxes: • Fits most cars and CRV windshields • 8 Magnets to grip your car body so it won’t fall or blow off • Suction cups secure to the inside of your windshield for best fit and anti-theft security • Extra long to cover the windshield, wipers, washer fluid sprayers and engine well • Stops encrusting of ice on rubber wiper blade edges which cause cracks, rips and tears • Saves on washer fluid and gas by using less of both to defrost the windshield • Comes with handy carry pouch for easy neat storage. Made from tough weather-resistant fabric, your snow car hood cover comes with a 100% Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Wave to your neighbors left scraping and brushing away snow as you drive away with your clean ice free windshield. Don’t delay - order yours today and receive a FREE Microfiber Demisting Cloth PLUS an Emergency Rescue Blanket - stay warm and stay alive. Go to and get your SnowOFF! while stocks last